My favourite YC Startups 2023

Semi Venturero
6 min readOct 15, 2023


Y Combinator (YC) is a startup fund and program founded in 2005. The combined valuation of YC companies is over $300B.

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I checked YC 2023 startups and wanted to share my favorite ones.


Bluedot is a single payment platform for EV drivers and fleets.


Bluedot makes EV charging payment easier and simplifies expense management for drivers and fleets. They’re growing 40–45% weekly and made $110K GMV last week.

Over 50% of vehicles sold will be electric by 2030. The payments management infrastructure for EV charging and the expenses doesn’t exist at the moment. The founders operated 100+ EV charging stations, worked in companies like Zipcar, Bosch, and Mercedes, and faced this problem through their own experiences. They built a team with a strong fintech background and publicly launched their Bluedot card on Dec 14th, 2022.

Bluedot has raised their pre-seed from Y Combinator, Axel Springer, Porsche, Ford, TechNexus, DRF, and Pritchard Automotive.


AI Co-Pilot for Bankers

Onnix logo

Onnix turbo charges bankers to quickly get through end-to-end core workflows by connecting with their data sources to provide a no-code solution that uses LLM prompts to get answers, conduct or review data analysis, and output to slide decks in a team’s custom format.


Webflow(no code website builder) for dashboards

Tremor logo

Platform to connect data sources and build customer-facing analytics. Built on top of Tremor’s open-source component library.

Tremor’s founders are Christopher Kindl and Severin Landolt. Severin and Christopher worked in Accenture as a data analyst for four years before launching Tremor.


ChatGPT (AI chatbot that uses natural language processing to create humanlike conversational dialogue) for schools

Flint logo

Flint is ChatGPT for K-12. With Flint, schools can provide their students with the latest AI tools with built-in monitoring.

The founders are Sohan Choudhury and Jinseo Park. Sohan is a third-time founder. He also founded Gatherly before. Jinseo was a Software Engineer at Gatherly, then he worked at Google for two years. After that they founded Flint.


AI sales prospecting. Replace your SDR with AiSDR

AiSDR logo

AiSDR automates sales prospecting. Our software uses AI to automatically write and send sales emails, once a prospective customer engages — we then automatically correspond and book meetings with them.

AiSDR’s sales emails have an average response rate of 7.1%, which is already on par with the industry response rate from emails written by humans.

We are aiming to replace over 600k SDRs, that cost US companies $48B a year.

The founders are Yuriy Zaremba and Oleg Zaremba. They are both YC alumni and 2x founders.


AI-powered junior developer for software teams

Sweep logo

Sweep is an AI assistant to automate your software chores like bug fixes and minor feature requests when you spin up a ticket so you can focus on the complex engineering problems.

We offer self hosting at! Alternatively, install Then add the repository you want, make a quick ticket (e.g. writing tests), add the label “Sweep” and watch the magic happen.

Founders are William Zeng and Kevin Lu.


The operating system for inbound B2B revenue

Hockey Stack logo

HockeyStack improves sales outcomes for B2B companies by helping them record and understand every interaction their customers have with their marketing, sales reps, CSMs, and products.

We map every customer touchpoint from ad impression to closed won and to upsell using our own tracking script and native integrations to the B2B GTM tech stack.

Building this source of truth allow us to give companies previously hidden insights that generate incremental revenue, such as:

  • Deploy marketing budget: “Launch this ad campaign to this audience to generate $XM in pipeline”
    - Target the right accounts with the right messaging: “These accounts have the highest likelihood to convert, put them on this email sequence”
    - Convert more of the pipeline: “Pied Piper hasn’t visited the site for 8 days; give Jim a phone call”

Founders are Buğra Gündüz, Emir Atlı and Arda Bulut.

They don’t have an amulet(🧿) in their logo. However, that is for wishing good luck and avoiding evil eye in Turkish culture. Good luck Hockey Stack!

PS: If you are a Turkish speaker you can watch their first interview in 2020

Narrative for logistics

Narrative logo

We use AI to catch errors in invoices and facilitate payments between large companies and their logistics providers.

The founders are Suchit Dubey, Akshit Khurana


CodeStory is an AI powered mod of VSCode

CodeStory Logo

Developer workflows are more than just writing code. Today, when a developer is tasked with fixing a bug, they use the editor to identify the right part of the code, read some documentation, author the changes, test it in some real environment and put it up for review. That’s how it’s done today, by hopping around in this editor.

And the only tiny piece of this in which AI has become effective lately is authoring the code. But all the other parts are still untouched.

Our goal is to chip away and add AI to all parts of the developer workflow to offer a significantly more productive experience, and we believe that to do it right, we have to own the editor. That’s what we are building at CodeStory.

The founders are Sandeep Pani and Naresh Ramesh.



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